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Two Thimbles Quilt Shop

You can now check us out on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram! We have quick links available at the top of every page. We hope you check out all of the cool projects 2T has in store for 2020!

Starting 2020 off right

Every new year brings different ambitions – if you feel like starting 2020 with a fresh and exciting project, we have something different to get you started. New patterns like the Point of View by Jo Morton for paper piecing, and the County Claire Quilt by Judy Newman great for hand-piecing! Both of these are great to start your year off and flex your hand piecing and hand-work skills…great for taking on the road too if your calendar includes travel plans.
To help keep you motivated we’ve also expanded our class list to include additional classes from local pattern designer, Tonya Alexander. You can read her latest book, filled with fabulous patterns, and learn from her yourself! Check out available classes by taking a look at our classes page.
Two Thimbles What's New! Two Thimbles What's New!

New items!

We have stocked our shelves with goods to keep you inspired and quilting like crazy this year. Free Spirit Fabric mini squares charm pack are restocked - and these mini squares lend themselves to inspire wonderfully colorful modern quilts. We also have new books on the shelf with great reads and dreamy photographs to keep you inspired as you begin this year’s creations.
If you’re looking for a new challenge, come take a look at the new Slub Canvas cotton rolls we just stocked. Slub Canvas is a heavy weight with a smooth finish that has great versatility – perfect for market bags, floor mats, car quilts and picnic blankets or yoga mats! Vibrant colors and durable fabric, it’ll lend itself to some fabulous projects.
Lastly, one of our newest items is our very own Two Thimbles Mug, great for holding your favorite beverage or sewing utensils! Come check out these one of a kind mugs and the rest of our new items!
Two Thimbles What's New!

Two ThimblesApplique Design Mat

We’ve recently brought in a highly-requested notion: the Matilda’s Own Design Mat. This product was recommended to us by professionals in the quilting field and we quickly fell in love with the design mat’s ability to grip a table top and project firmly, providing a smooth work surface for design transfer and tracing. It is two-sided, which allows for extra non-slip support when preparing for appliqué, fabric for tracing, beading, and more. This is a fairly exclusive product, offered in only a few shops around the U.S.. To order and more information Click Here.

Two Thimbles Quilt ShopNotions

We’re always trying to add more products to our notions section. Along with our wide selection of threads and sewing needles, we also offer products that are designed to make the quilting process as easy as possible. One of our current favorites is the Dritz needle storage tubes, which uses an internal magnet to bring needles to the top of the container and fan them out for easy selection. We’re also loving the leather thimbles from Considine Creations and the short stainless steel pins from Karen Kay Buckley, which are perfect for patchwork and appliqué.

Two Thimbles Whats New! Two ThimblesQuiltfolk is a quarterly magazine based out of Eugene Oregon. Each issue beautifully introduces quilters, their work, and fascinating things going on within the quilting community. The magazine will focus on a different state each issue exploring new places and experiencing how each quilting community comes together. The magazine will be available in store and for subscription. Use the coupon code SHOP 1025 to receive $10 off on your online subscription at

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