2T Wreath Slow Stitching Design and Fabric Pack

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An original design exclusive for Two Thimbles.   Packet includes floral wreath design and a variety of fabrics to create your own unique slow stitching project approximately 14 inches square as shown.  Fabrics range in size from approximately 12 inches to 4 inches and include quilting cotton, silks, wool and textured weave fabrics.  Packs include vintage ribbon trim and machine embroidered thimble patch.  Use this design to create your own unique project - a combination of raw and turned edge appliqué, decorative stitches and fabric patchwork. 

Explicit instructions for fabric patch dimensions, layout, stitch placement and templates for initials are not included.   This is a creativity pack with a basic design template from which you can develop your own slow stitching design.  You provide the threads and creativity!